Abeona Apps and Tools for SLP

Custom Apps &
Tools for SLPs & Private Practices

This is an ongoing process as we develop new ways and tools to help SLP’s and Private Practices work smarter, not harder. These tools come out of our own needs discovered while running our Teletherapy Private Practice.

Abeona Apps and Tools for SLP

Private Practices we've worked with:

Bear Tracks Pediatric Therapies
Cheerful Chatter
King Speech and Learning Center
neuro teletherapies
Childrens communication center
Foundation SLL
Speech for the Top
Playful Therapy Connections
Abeona Apps and Tools for SLP


Stupid Simple Email & SMS Reminders

No complicated app to signup & configure. Pay for what you NEED, not for how many therapists you have.

Some of the perks:

  • Just add a special email address as a ‘guest’ to the appointments you wish to send an email and/or SMS reminders to. Done!
  • If you want to send an optional SMS reminder also, just put the phone number(s) in the event description.
  • Share your special email address with all your therapists to use the same way.
  • Perfect for teams: pay for only how many reminders you need across your entire team.
  • You don’t pay ‘full price’ for part-time therapists (like other apps & EMRs).
  • Complete this registration form and we will get you a custom price for your needs.
Dexter App

Coming Soon!

Dexter: finding the right resource

Save oodles of time with a searchable Master List of our favorite therapy resources. Save your own. Customize your favorites

Boom cards, TpT, PDF’s, PowerPoints, UltimateSLP… there are so many resources scattered everywhere! Searching through them is one of the biggest time wasters for our team of Teletherapy SLP’s. So we’re compiling an easily searchable list of our favorites so SLPs can find the perfect resource in seconds.

You can even filter the list by many different factors, such as:

  • Resource type (PDF, Boom card, green screen, etc.)
  • Clinical area (fluency, articulation, language, etc.)
  • Goal areas (carryover, sentence level) and goals (SH Initial, SH Final)
  • Age range and gender appropriateness
world regulatory map
world regulatory map

Regulatory Bodies & Rules

Can I Work Here?

A Global Database of Speech Therapy Regulatory Bodies & Rules

Everyone wants to know if they can see their clients if themselves or their client live or are vacationing in another state, province or country. It’s the dream for some to be able to live on a beach for 6 months of the year while working in Teletherapy. This ambitious goal of creating a global database to help SLP’s quickly find out where this might be allowed. Stay tuned!