EMR setup

Ditch the paperwork. Focus on growing your business.

Skip hours of migrating and configuring. We’ve learned the ins and outs of IntakeQ for you. Let us handle your EMR setup so you can jump right into your practice.
EMR setup

Private Practices we've worked with:

Bear Tracks Pediatric Therapies
Cheerful Chatter
King Speech and Learning Center
neuro teletherapies
Childrens communication center
Foundation SLL
Speech for the Top
Playful Therapy Connections
paper works
paper works
IntakeQ is our choice of EMR because of its powerful features and easy integration. Digitizing your practice management using a single software eliminates loads of paperwork, costs, and hours spent on admin tasks. Check out our EMR Comparison Database to see how IntakeQ compares with other EMRs out there!
How this helps you

All set up and ready to get started

Convenient - How EMR Helps you


With the integration of your EMR to your website, we can make the entire process convenient for both you and your clients. You can manage your practice all in one place–bookings, note-taking, payment processing, and analytics.

Customized - How EMR Helps you


IntakeQ gives you the power to customize forms and intake questionnaires. We’ll take that a notch higher by setting up branded forms with custom fields tailored to your SLP practice and email/sms templates written using your brand voice.

Customized - How EMR Helps you
Time saving - How EMR Helps you


Learning new software can take up so much of your time better spent in growing your business. Skip hours of walk-through videos and tutorials by letting us handle the heavy work.


Less Time Spent on Admin Work;
More Time Spent on Your Practice.

Migration of Existing Clients

Are you switching from a different EMR? Or simply starting to use EMRs in general? This process is time-consuming and often costly.

Intake and Consent Forms Configuration

Do you have your own forms with custom questions? Perfect! We’ll configure them for you in your EMR. If not, we can provide FREE intake forms and consent forms that can be customized for your brand.

Payment Setup

Do you want to collect credit cards upon intake? Do you require payment prior to booking? Do you want to set up auto-charging? Let us set these up based on your personal preferences.

Invoicing, Billing and Superbills

No need to manually create invoices each time you bill a client! Let us automate and configure these for you.

SMS & Email Reminders

Reminders are important to minimize no-shows. We’ll write SMS and Email templates written in your brand voice and set up the automations needed so you don’t have to worry about these.

Booking Integration

We can streamline the booking process to make it easier for you and your clients by integrating it with your website. They can easily book and the details go straight into your system–as well as your calendars!


Book a free consultation with us to know more about what we can do for you.