Avoid Paying $1000s/mo for an Office Manager or Assistant

Let us set up custom-tailored automations and systems to eliminate and reduce your day-to-day tasks. Giving you the time to focus on growing your business and driving revenue… or spending more time with family or watching Netflix! 



Rise to optimize your business.

As you manage your private practice, there will be little to no support from staff as opposed to a clinic. Every point of the workflow will be yours to manage.

This offers greater flexibility to direct your business the way you want it, but it will also drop an unbelievable workload to you or your small team.

With Abeona, you will get valued help and application on how to ensure the peak operations of your practice through automations and digital systems. 

Ways we can save you Time and Money.

With nearly 10,000 automations powering our own Private Practice (Apheleia-Speech) each month – over 300 automations each day – we save thousands in labor costs. And with well-oiled processes in place, you can spend your time working ON your business not working IN your business and putting out constant fires.

Automated Lead Tracking & Follow-up

Make sure no lead falls through the cracks. That’s revenue slipping through your fingers.

Automated Scheduling & Reminder Systems

Reduce no-shows with automatic reminders. Save time by having a client self-scheduling system. 

Automated Accounting

Reduce time and money spent keeping your books up to date and receipts organized.

Automated Client Onboarding Systems

Set up systems to get your client intake paperwork filled out and signed so you can start their treatment ASAP.

Streamlined Hiring & Shortlisting SLP's

Grow your team fast and efficiently with our custom hiring hacks..

Automated Reporting & Tracking Systems

Get data & reports to make sure you’re running your business, not your business running you.

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