Been There. Done That. Still doing it.

Sometimes you might just need a fresh perspective on a problem or some guidance from someone who’s maybe a bit further along in their private practice journey. We can help point you in the right direction.

From marketing and advertising, hiring, lead tracking, to client onboarding and billing, let us help you streamline and grow your business with our expertise and experience.



Rise to optimize your business.

As you manage your private practice, there will be little to no support from staff as opposed to a clinic. Every point of the workflow will be yours to manage.

This offers greater flexibility to direct your business the way you want it, but it will also drop an unbelievable workload to you or your small team.

With Abeona, you will get valued help and insights on how to ensure the peak operations of your practice through automations and digital systems.

How can Abeona help?

Aside from the other primary marketing services offered, we also assist in the suggestion and implementation of automated systems and streamlined processes that help you focus on the tasks that need your personal expertise.


Lead Gathering, Tracking, and Nurturing

Let us help you in growing and managing your incoming leads. Never let another lead grow cold as we ensure a smooth process from an inquiring lead to an onboarding client.


Meeting and Scheduling

No confusions and no delays. Set up client appointments or schedule team meetings with booking tools that work for your practice.


Client and Customer Listening

Gather insightful feedback as we set up surveys and online review systems where you can hear your customers provide valuable comments about your business.


Billing and Accounting

Bill clients easily and in a timely manner with automated invoicing systems and online payment methods.


Internal Team Communication & Collaboration

Get rid of emails or text messages to your team. Get set up with effective team communication using tools like Google Chat.

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