What is Abeona?

Named after the goddess of outward journeys and safe passage, we aid Speech Therapists and Private Practice Owners on their own journeys towards success.



How it all started…

Abeona was born out of the success and learnings from the teletherapy private practice Mark built and currently operates with his wife – Apheleia Speech. Mark soon realized that many of his skills could be beneficial to other Speech Therapists wanting to start and grow their own private practices.

Mark quickly realized he needed help as Abeona started to take off, and this was before the website was live or before he started any marketing efforts! He then joined forces with his smart and talented brother, Mitchell, who is a software engineer. With their combined technical and problem solving skills, they are well poised to help SLP’s and Private Practices with their ever increasing digital needs.

About the Founder

Mark previously worked in project management with his mechanical engineering background. Nowadays, he focuses on helping speech-language pathologists through Abeona.

Aside from helping numerous SLPs achieve their business goals, Mark is also operating a fast-growing online speech therapy business with his wife (Apheleia Speech). Alongside growing both these successful businesses, they also recently welcomed their firstborn son into the family in 2020.

In his free time, he travels with loved ones and reads books regularly to learn more from the world. He also enjoys sports and being active.

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