What is the Best Headset for Online Speech Therapy?

December 4, 2022

If you are offering teletherapy (or considering it) for your speech therapy practice, you need a few equipment and tools to optimize your sessions. One of the most essential is a good quality headset. The number of options available in the market (and recommended by well-meaning friends) can be overwhelming. No need to worry. We did the research for you and here’s our recommendation: the Logitech USB H340.

Here’s why:

Mic Quality

The microphone is great and perhaps the best you can find in this price range. My wife and several of our therapists use these headphones as well. We all love it! Generally, avoid using earbuds for teletherapy because the mic pickup is not ideal.

Audio Quality

The sound quality is pretty decent. I would say it’s mid quality, but mainly because I have my Bose noise-canceling headphones to compare to. Otherwise, the audio is good enough for online calls and therapy sessions.


I prefer these a bit more than my Bose headphones in terms of comfort, especially for long-duration use. These are lightweight and they don’t completely cover the ears (like big over-ear muffs do) so I don’t feel like I have to yell to be heard.

Value for Money

Overall, this headset provides you the best quality for its price. It’s super affordable and lasts long!

One more important tip:

Make sure to check your noise-canceling settings before you start your call. Noise-canceling is usually turned on by default in Zoom and Google Meet. While this is a good way to reduce ambient sounds, it could also cancel out certain sounds that you are working on (like the s-sound) because they register as background noise. This could interfere with your therapy session so adjust as needed. Here’s how:

Hope this helps you have more effective therapy sessions. If you also need tips in choosing your computer, we wrote another blog post for that. Check it out here.


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